Test your audio/video connection:

  • Click on the Question mark icon in the upper right corner of your dashboard

  • Select "Video Tests"¬†

  • Make sure that your microphone is picking up your audio by confirming the boxes next to the microphone icon fill with color as you speak¬†

  • Confirm that you are able to hear the audio by clicking on "Play test sound" and listening for the corresponding sound

If you do not believe your microphone is working properly, you will want to confirm that the correct microphone device is selected and allowed in Chrome.

To allow/enable microphone in Chrome:

  • Click on the camera icon at the far right of your Chrome url (website address) bar

  • Click on the dropdown box next to Microphone and confirm that "Jabra SPEAK 510 USB" is selected (in some cases a different microphone device name may be listed)

  • Click Done

  • Refresh TelePharm dashboard

At this point, you can repeat the "Video Tests" or initiate a test call to another staff member via TelePharm chat to test the microphone.

Click there for Resolving Video/Camera Issues.

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