Here's what to do if you have forgotten your password, or the password you are entering is giving you this notice:

Request a Password Reset:

  • Click "Forgot your password?"

  • Type the email address your TelePharm account is registered under (this is your TelePharm login).

  • Click "Reset Password"

This email will be sent to the email address registered with TelePharm so make sure you entered it correctly.

Reset Your Password:

  • Check your email. The email sender should be listed as

  • Open the email and click on "Choose A New Password" (you will be redirected to a secure password reset page)

  • Enter your new password

  • Confirm your password by entering it again

When you've successfully reset your password, you will see this page:

  • Click "Return to TelePharm" to go back to the login page and login using your new/reset password.

Click here to learn how to Unlock Your Account.

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