1. Data Entry

This is your traditional intake workflow. The technician processes the prescription in the pharmacy management system and prepares to fill the prescription. The technician places in basket:

  • Hardcopy prescription, if applicable

  • Printed label

  • New vial

  • Stock bottle with drug

2. TelePharm Image Capture

The technician begins the filling process in TelePharm, capturing images as they go. The number and content of images depends on your organizational processes and procedures. The technician can also leave comments, mark as high priority, and more!

3. TelePharm Pharmacist Verification

After filling and submitting to the pharmacist, the technician transfers the basket and contents to a holding or pending area until the prescription is approved. On submission, the pharmacist receives an alert and takes action.

  • Pharmacist rejects the prescription - The technician is notified of the rejection in TelePharm and is prompted to make changes to the prescription as necessary. They must then submit the prescription to the pharmacist again for verification.

  • Pharmacist approves the prescription - The technician is notified of the approval in TelePharm and packages the prescription for dispensing and moves to will call area.

4. Pharmacist and Patient Counseling 

When the patient comes to pickup the prescription, the technician dispenses in TelePharm and initiates a counseling session between patient and pharmacist via TelePharm.

5. Check-out

The technician takes the patient through the standard point of sale process to take payment and dispense the prescription. 

Easy right? Next take a look at more details of the technician filling and pharmacist verification processes.

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