Sometimes changes to Chrome will cause connection disruptions in TelePharm's live video calls. In these instances, an update usually resolves the disruptions.

To update Chrome manually on your computer:

  • Click on the Chrome menu on the browser toolbar (looks like three horizontal bars, or dots)

  • Select "Help"

  • From the sub menu, select "About Google Chrome"

  • Google will automatically begin searching for Chrome updates. If you see a blue checkmark with "Nearly up-to-date! Relaunch Google Chrome to finish updating." you have an update ready  

  • Click the "Relaunch" button to apply the update

Future FYI: Normally updates happen in the background when you close and reopen your computer's browser. But if you haven't closed your browser in a while you might see the Chrome menu in the top right change colors:

To update Chrome on your Chromebase counseling device:

  • Tap on the status area where the time is displayed in the lower right corner of your home screen

  • Tap on the upward facing arrow, then tap "Restart to update

If there is no arrow:

  • Tap on Settings > About Chrome OS

  • Tap on "Check for and apply updates" (any available updates will begin installing)

  • Tap "Restart to update"

To update Chrome on your Android counseling device:

  • Open the Play Store app by tapping on the icon that looks like this: 

  • At the top left, tap the Menu button (three horizontal lines)

  • Tap My apps & games (Apps with available updates are listed under "Updates")

  • Under "Updates" look for Chrome

  • If listed, tap it to install the update

Video Tutorial:

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