If you accidentally deny camera permissions, you will be unable to use core features of our application until the camera is re-enabled. 

To Re-enable the camera:

  • Go to your browser's address bar. At the far right you should see a camera icon with a red x. Click this icon to open the camera settings.

  • When the camera dialog is open, select the option that says "Always allow app.telepharm.io to access your camera" and press "Done"

  • If the camera does not show a red x you may still need to confirm the correct camera is enabled in TelePharm by clicking on the camera icon and selecting the correct camera from the drop down box next to "Camera:".

  • Refresh the page. Your settings change will not take effect until you refresh.

Occasionally, the computer no longer recognizes the camera even if the permissions are enabled. Your imaging camera may require that you unplug the usb cable from the computer, and then reconnect it in order for the computer to recognize the usb device.

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