Pharmacist Workstation Hardware

  1. Powered USB hub

  2. Logitech HD Pro (webcam)

  3. Jabra 510 (bluetooth speaker)

  4. Jabra Talk 30 (bluetooth headset)

  5. USB extensions

Installation Instructions

  1. USB hub - A powered USB Hub expands a single USB port into several so you can connect more devices to your computer and ensure they are powered appropriately.

    • Plug the included power cord into the small circular port on the Hub and plug the other end into a wall outlet.

    • Plug the USB cord into an open USB port on your computer tower. See Diagram A.

    • Press the button for each port on the Hub to activate all ports. Lights will illuminate when active.

Diagram A

2. Webcam - Place the webcam on top of your computer monitor near the area you will be looking at while counseling patients in TelePharm. Connect the USB cord from the webcam to the USB hub. (Note: If needed, use an included USB extension.)

3. Speaker - Place the speaker on the counter in an area where it can provide audio and pick up your voice when counseling patients. Connect the USB cord from the speaker to the USB hub. (Note: If needed, use an included USB extension.)

4. Bluetooth headset - Unpack headset and USB charging cable. Headset may need to be charged using the included USB cable before pairing and using. Headset will be paired to the Jabra Speaker for private patient consultations. To pair:

  • On the speaker, press the bluetooth symbol for 10 seconds or until the indicator light turns green.

  • On the headset, hold the Off/On/Pairing switch in the pairing position for 3 seconds or until the light flashes blue.

  • Devices will pair and you'll hear "Connected to headset" from the speaker.

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