Test your video/camera connection:

  • Click on the Question mark icon in the upper right corner of your dashboard

  • Select "Video Tests

  • Make sure that your camera is being recognized by confirming you can see yourself in the box on the left under Video:

If you do not see yourself in the box and you see the notification "Camera Required" or "Cannot Access Camera", you will want to confirm that the correct camera device is selected and allowed in Chrome:

To allow/enable camera in Chrome:

  • Click on the camera icon at the far right of your Chrome url (website address) bar

  • Confirm "Continue allowing https://www.telepharm.io to access your camera" is selected

  • Click on the dropdown box next to Camera and confirm that your camera is selected. Camera device names may vary. Examples are (IPEVO Ziggi HD, Logitech HD Pro, etc)

  • Click Done

  • Refresh TelePharm dashboard

At this point, you can repeat the "Video Tests" or initiate a test call to another staff member via TelePharm chat to test the video connection.

Occasionally, the computer no longer recognizes the camera even if the permissions are enabled. Your imaging camera may require that you unplug the usb cable from the computer, and then reconnect it in order for the computer to recognize the usb device. 

If unplugging and replugging does not resolve the issue, you will want to restart the computer.

Video Tutorial:

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